DLP Has Failed The Enterprise. What Now?

Enterprise Security
Data Loss Prevention

Merlin Kafka, Product Manager, Tessian
Reema Jethwa, Insider Risk Lead, Schroders Personal Wealth
Jessica Marie, Product Marketing Director, Tessian
Phil Horning, Senior Information Security Analyst, PeaceHealth

Legacy DLP is a 💩 sandwich without the bread. Traditional DLP is rule-based – and if there’s one thing humans are really, really good at, it’s breaking rules.

You simply cannot define human nature with rules, says Tessian’s Jessica Marie. As we learned at our Spring Summit, the average human makes 35,000 decisions a day, you can’t write rules for all that possibility.

Legacy DLP means complex and expensive policies, constrained data classification, limited visibility, and a huge amount of false positives. Add to this the fact that your employees really hate the experience.

Jessica’s also joined by Phil Horning, Senior Information Security Analyst at PeaceHealth, and Reema Jethwa, Cyber/Insider Risk Manager at Schroders Personal Wealth. Together they outline future trends for DLP, and where the industry needs to go.

November 2021