Threats Of The Future Are Here: Hacking Humans with AI-as-a-Service

Enterprise Security


Eugene Lim, Glenice Tan, Tan Kee Hock, Timothy Lee, Singapore GovTech
Ed Bishop, Co-Founder and CTO

According to Eugene Lim, Glenice Tan, Tan Kee Hock and Timothy Lee from GovTech Singapore hundreds of thousands attacks are on the horizon. Although recent reports of AI-generated voice deep fakes make the headlines, the real problem is that as the cost and complexity of AI comes down, it will be used more and more at scale. Furthermore, the team’s research revealed that AI generated content is more convincing than human generated content.

As Tessian’s Ed Bishop, our co-founder and CTO noted in the session, “I can totally see bad actors measuring the click-through rate on their phishing campaigns, and then having the AI learn from what’s worked to feed into the next one”

Oh and one final takeout… no one’s really regulating this sort of stuff.

March 2021